Grotto Fine Art takes great pleasure in presenting Angela Su: Paracelsus' Garden a highly anticipated exhibition of one of Hong Kong 's best woman artists. Featuring all new works in ink drawings and embroidery, Su combines her anatomical background with groundbreaking compositions in weaving together elements of alchemical and fantasy nature. Flowers, insects, and human figure are all part of her new collection and they present a personal response to the symbolic, iconic and figural self. This exhibition will be on view from April 16 May 3, 2008.

The exhibition will compose of two mediums: ink drawings and embroideries. In drawing, Su features her interpretation of the human skeleton in raw anatomical renderings while her embroidery brings to light the possibility of intricate design and creative juxtaposition. In her unique anatomical world, Angela Su weaves together dreams and alchemy in forming a completely enigmatic vision of nature and the human existence.

Angela Su is an independent artist based in Hong Kong . She graduated in 1990 from the University of Toronto and in 1994 from the Ontario College of Art, Canada. Su has held one-woman exhibition in Singapore and Hong Kong and has participated in group exhibition such as the 2 nd Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Shenzhen , China and Reversing Horizons, at the Museum of Contemporary Shanghai .

Platycerus virescens

Anisomorpha buprestoides

Latrodectus mactus
Ophiogomphus howei




All artworks copyright © 2008 by Angela Su & Grotto Fine Art Ltd. all rights reserved.