LEUNG Ka-yin, Joey

Leung Ka-yin, Joey, an independent artist in Hong Kong, received her BA (2000) and MFA (2007) from the Department of Fine Arts, Chinese University of Hong Kong. Leung combines traditional Chinese painting and popular culture in her works. She explores the use of contemporary writing equipment to present the flavour of Chinese art, trying to push the boundary of different media. The stories in her artworks depict her feeling and fantasy towards modern life. It’s also an attempt to introspect the value of tradition in contemporary world. Leung’s works are widely collected and her poster works have been exhibited at The International competition Trnava Poster Triennial 2003 (Czec) and the IPT 2003 International Poster Triennial In Toyama, Japan.


  2014 Unpoetic Poems
  2012 Garden of Hesitation
  2010 Cloudy Fairy Tales
  2008 Beyond Presumption


Goddess of Luo River
Gouache, acrylic, ball pen, drawing pen, colour pencil on paper (a set of 2)
104.5 x 59 cm each, 2017



Expired memory: Weeping willow and octopus
Chinese ink, gouache, ball pen, acrylic, colour pencil, drawing pen on paper, digital print on archival photo paper
59 x 85 cm, 2015



Wait A Moment
Gouache, ball pen, colour pencil, drawing pen on paper, 85 x 85 cm, 2015


Chicken Stock is Powerless to Help
Graphite, drawing pen, ball pen, acrylic on cotton water colour paper (quadriptych)
Top: 33 x 110 cm; Central left: 28 x 62 cm; Bottom left: 28 x 62 cm; Bottom right: 61 x 40 cm
Combined size: 97 x 110 cm, 2014

Lusting after her beauty
and for winning a place in her heart
even if it takes you to walk to North Pole
you spare no effort

Beauty however is like delicacy
it loses its appeal when left too long
Even with a few more drops
of chicken stock
it is powerless to help

You begin to mind the face that slowly turns faded and yellow

At this moment
beauty becomes a part of memory
In an instance
passion is eclipsed into nothingness






The despised Monday
Graphite, ball pen, acrylic on cotton water colour paper (5 panels)
Top left: 73 x 33 cm; Bottom left: 36 x 33 cm; Top right: 34 x 63 cm; Central right: 34 x 63 cm; Bottom right: 34 x 63 cm
Combined size: 112 x 100 cm, 2014


She despises that –
the leaves are too green,
the skirt is too dazzling,
the low wind is too thin,
the light is too glaring.
All because today is Monday.


Red-eyed Rabbit
Ball pen, drawing pen, gouache and color on paper (diptych)
159 x 30 cm each, 2012




Things to Do in Paris
Ball pen, drawing pen, gouache, colour pencil on paper, 42.5 x 151.7 cm , 2012




Her Peach-Flavored Shampoo
Drawing pen, ballpen, gourach, Chinese pigment, colour pencil on paperon paper, 59.5x 127.5 cm, 2011




Fishy Aesthetics
Biro, colour pencil and correction pen on paper, 58 x 215 cm, 2008






Story of Yum Yum
Biro on paper (handscroll), 32.5 x 259.5 cm, 2005





Photo Mirror #01
C-print (diptych), 30 x 87 cm, 2012


Photo Mirror #02
C-print (diptych), 30 x 87 cm, 2012


Photo Mirror #03
C-print (diptych), 30 x 87 cm, 2012