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Grotto Fine Art, established in 2001, is a gallery specializing in Hong Kong contemporary art.  Our mission is to promote local artists of Hong Kong.  Based in Hong Kong, a city known for its unique combination of different cultures, the gallery is dedicated to local artistic production with a particular interest in the newest and most avant-garde art forms.
(Artists are listed in alphabetical order)

Artist name starts with: C D F H K L N S W


Streets of Mong Kok
Oil on canvas

CHENG, Chi-Fai (b.1971)

Cheng Chi-fai is an accomplished oil painter focusing on local landscape and city scene. Educated at the Coventry University in England, Cheng received classical training in painting and drawing. Cheng's works demonstrate strong commitment to Renaissance's perspective, chiaroscuro and composition but maintain faithfully local in terms of the subject depicted. Both nostalgic and poetic, Cheng's old streets and neighbourhoods bring back memories of the golden age.



There's the Snow Again II
Ink and color on paper, 33x33cm, 2013

CHUI, Pui-chi

Chui Pui-chee is a leading calligrapher equipped with exceptional repertoire and expertise. Competent in a wide range of scripts, Chui's calligraphy exerts a dynamic and vigorous quality; while his painting derives from the structure of calligraphic fundamentals. Through their juxtaposition and interaction, Chui creates amusing new works that redefine both genres. Among all calligraphy scripts, Chui favors xing shu(running script) due to its con- trol yet expressive qualities.

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Detail of Su Dongpo Travelling
Ink & colour on paper

DING, Yanyong (1902-78)

Ding's legacy as an artist started in the early part of the 20th century.  A student of Western art in 1920's, Ding went to Tokyo to study modern art and was particularly attracted to the works of Matisse and the Fauves.  In 1949, Ding settled in Hong Kong and began his career with painting classical Chinese genres such as birds and flowers and figures.  Ding's works combined expressive brushwork and precise execution and never fail to give life to his given objects or forms.  Ding's unique style is perhaps best portrayed in his paintings of legends and opera singers wherein his unparallel mastery of the Chinese ink and brush and humor lied.



First Step, detail


FUNG, Kevin (b.1964)

Kevin Fung received his tertiary education in Canada and now works as engineer in the telecommunication industry. Fung's works concern the customs and predicament from the bourgeoisie in Hong Kong. Fung has been involved in numerous exhibitions locally and abroad and his works are collected by private collectors, institutes, museum and have been featured in Contemporary Asian Art in Sotheby's.


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Body Frame
Bronze & light box, 178x35x20 cm, 2006


HO, Siu-Kee (b. 1964)

Ho Siu-Kee was born in Hong Kong in 1964. He received the degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1989, Master of Fine Arts in sculpture from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan , USA in 1995 and Doctor of Fine Art at the RMIT University, Australia in 2003. Ho has been an indispensable part of Hong Kong art and participated in numerous exhibitions locally and abroad, most noticeably representing Hong Kong at the 49 th Venice Biennial, Italy in 2001.

2009 2012


Origin V
Ink on paper, 68.5x68.5cm, 2013


Born in Hong Kong in 1988. HUNG Fai has developed a deep interest in painting since childhood. Experimenting with both Chinese and Western media, he re-interpreted ' Ink art' and developed a unique way of presenting techniques both in paper and canvas.

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White Water XXXIX
Ink & colour on paper


KAN, Kit-keung (b.1943)

Dr. Kan Kit-Keung is a man of science and art. By profession, he is a physicist whose research concentrates on the building of a model to describe nature. As an artist, Kan's description of nature focuses on its visual and external order. Using traditional painting techniques such as ¡§tsun" (texture) strokes and motifs, Kan delineates our visual world, minimized his hills and mountains, and gives his landscape a new sense of order and rhythm reminiscent of a modern architecture. By inserting a sense of lyricism into the abstract geometry and logic, Kan's art is redefining the fundamental building blocks of nature. The result is both enticing and visually stunning.



Ms Giraffe
Acrylic & ceramic clay on canvas


KWOK, Ying (b.1977)

Kwok Ying's works focus on patterns and how different combination of simple forms can generate broader visual connotation. A physical artist who likes to use heavy industrial materials and labor-intensive works, Kwok applies pencil or ink on canvas that is pre-treated with a layer of ceramic clay. The artist creates repetitive patterns of organic or textile origins, at times imitating everyday fabrics while sometimes resembling animal skins. The finished pieces exert a unique sense of lightness and heaviness, masculinity and femininity reflective of the artist's character. In 2001, Kwok Ying won a Fine Art Award at the Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition and, in 2002, the Hong Kong Museum of Art acquired two of her works, making her one of the youngest artists ever collected.



Acrylic, color pencil, charcoal, image transfer on canvas, 200x150cm, 2013


KWONG, Wing-kwan

Arise from the absence of clouds; clear-air turbulence is a rare yet dangerous weather condition undetectable by radar or flesh eye.  Such unpredictability is employed by Hong Kong artist Kwong Wing-kwan as an analogy to the vulnerability of human-being in face of fate. 



Moment of Falling Stars
Oil on canvas, 167x108cm, 2010


KONG, Yiu-wing

Kong Yiu-wing interests on unnoted spaces that possibly lie on the border of city. His painting, “Border”, is a piece that utilizes the Google Map to seek for scenery in the border between urban and nature. What separates urban and nature are not only physical rules and psychological constraints established by powers in a city, it also includes technology, which aims at the advancement of human lives.



Bamboo series (detail)
Ink on silk


KOON, Wai-bong

Similar to looking at a roll of film through a carousel, Koon Wai-bong's painting leads our eyes to each frame while our brain tries to comprehend the logics and structure. As willow, pines, rivers and mountain pass by; we wander through history of the past. As urban inhabitant, we constantly seek idyllic refuge. In front of our eyes Koon's world becomes the perfect escape as we linger in his meditative realm. Any attempt to impose mundane rationale is in vain. At the end, we are left with admiration of the beauty of each episode.


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Snow Mountain III

LAI, Sarah

Despite her young age, Lai is a competent painter who possesses skills and repertoire of an established master. Using earthy tone and pastel hues, her beautiful paintings depict nature from a new perspective. Diluted hues give her work an uncanny sense of quietness similar to that of David Hockney, while the composition takes on a dreamlike atmosphere. A lonely mountain, a swelling wave, or a cloudy sky all become poetic anecdote that transcend time and space. Simple in composition but rich in expression, Lai's painting, like an old photograph, successfully captures a moment of our life when time stood still and nature took hold.


Country Explorer
copper wire and wood, 2013

LAM, Yau-sum

Lam Yau-sum's new miniature landscape provides an interesting interpretation of this ironic question. Using a computer circuit board as the sculpture's main frame, Lam painstakingly removes the wirings from the board and “rewires” them into a tree. The tree becomes the focus.



paper cut, 125x69cm, 2008


LEE, Bovey (b.1969)

Bovey Lee's works are well-known for their unique interpretations of the body through digital media and bicultural influences. On display are Lee's collection of paper cutout drawings on rice paper that derive visual and conceptual meanings out of juxtaposition of symbols, forms, and spaces.

2009 2012



Mountain and Stream No. 3
Stainless steel


LEE, Danny Chin-fai (b.1949)

is the present chairman of the Visual Art Society of Hong Kong . He founded the Creative Sculptors Society in Hong Kong in 1993 and has been a full time sculptor since 1998. Danny graduated from Swire School of Design in 1980 and the Extra-mural department of the University of Hong Kong in 1993 focusing on sculpture. His numerous awards include Second Prize (Sculpture) in ¡§Olympic Art and Sport Contest 2000 ( Hong Kong )¡¨, International Olympic Committee (1997) and First Prize (Sculpture) in ¡§New Life¡¨, Hong Kong Hospital Authority (2000). Lee's sculpture can be found in the Hong Kong Museum of Art, The Hong Kong Heritage Museum, The Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Hong Kong Housing Department , Hong Kong Airport Authority.




Seal No.1
Painted timber


LEE, Man sang (b.1962)

is a master craftsman, musician and sculptor. He lives a reclusive life in the rural part of Hong Kong and his art reflects his love of nature and rhythm with strong solitary sentiment. Lee's sculptures combine traditional function of the Chinese seal and the beautiful natural texture of timber wood. They are carved with precision to illustrate rivers and farmlands that surround his home. Lee Man Sang's works have the quality of a sophisticated craft though it is his profound concept and subtlety that distinguish him as a sculptor from his contemporaries.



Mary Has a Little Lamb
Biro, colour pencil & correction pen on paper,
136x33 cm each (set of 4)


LEUNG, Joey Ka-yin (b.1976)

Joey Leung is an independent artist based in Hong Kong . She received her Bachelor of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from the Chinese University in 2000 and 2007 respectively. Leung works are widely collected and her poster works have been exhibited at The International competition Trnava Poster Triennial 2003 (Czec) and the IPT 2003 International Poster Triennial In Toyama, Japan



Stoneware & mixed media


LI, Rosanna Wei-han

Rosanna Li is well-known for her robust ceramic figurines imbued with cultural and symbolic meanings that reflect her response to current events in a social context. Her research interest ranges from Shiwan rooftop ceramic figurines for Chinese temples to tableware design. She is an Art Advisor (Hong Kong Art) of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, and a founding member and former chairperson of the Contemporary Ceramics Society (Hong Kong). She teaches in the School of Design at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Her work can be seen in the Hong Kong Airport and Yau Tong Station, MTR. The latter, entitled ¡§People Passing By, People Lazing By¡¨, is known as the largest outdoor ceramic sculptural group in Hong Kong.





Bank of China
UV print on canvas


LIM, William

Lim is an avid art collector and enthusiast as well as an active participant in the local art scene. Lim's work features a series of Hong Kong cityscape photographs entitled ¡§Aura¡¨. With the eyes of an artist, hands of an architect, and heart of a wanderer, Lim creates works that are both nostalgic and mysterious. They possess an intriguing power that gives the buildings a life of their own, or a new life rather, as they suddenly become fresh and interesting again.



Coexistence II
oil & cords on canvas


LO, Yuk Yin Lucille

Lucille Lo's early artistic venture was in the Chinese ink and paper tradition. Her style derived from the Lingnan School's objective depiction and focused on multiple layering of colors. In the year 2000, Lo began her exploration in oil on canvas. With her unique visions and keen observation, Lo created a series of works featuring Hong Kong cityscapes using heavy pigments and everyday objects. The results are stunning visual and conceptual experiences with a distinct local flavor.



Clam Soldiers
Mixed media


LUI, Joe

is graduated with the degree of Bachelors of Arts in The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006. Being an artist, now she focuses on doing mixed media sculptures and illustration. She uses toy soldiers and shells to create a humorous scene of war. Her works have exhibited in many galleries and art spaces.

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Detail of Flying Dream III
Mixed media on canvas


NG, Kim Ming Bobby (b.1955)

Ng's paintings rest on four basic initiatives: figurative and abstract forms, tradition and modernity.  These elements have been both the creative stimulus and inherited contradiction of this artist's works.  They appear at first as traditional Chinese landscapes with apparent waterfalls and mountains, though upon closer scrutiny, the landscapes turn into pure abstract figuration that recalls the expressive style of Action Painting.  What remains unchanged is a sense of motion, the signature of Ng's art that leads his audience through different time and space.  ¡@



Cimex adjunctus
Ink on drafting film, 60x84 cm, 2007


SU, Angela

Angela Su is an independent artist based in Hong Kong . She graduated in 1990 from the University of Toronto and in 1994 from the Ontario College of Art, Canada. Su has held one-woman exhibition in Singapore and Hong Kong and has participated in group exhibition such as the 2 nd Shenzhen Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism in Shenzhen , China and Reversing Horizons, at the Museum of Contemporary Shanghai . In her drawings and embroderies, Su combines her anatomical background with groundbreaking compositions in weaving together elements of alchemical and fantasy nature.


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Porcelain Shoes


WONG, Lai Ching Fiona (b.1964)

is a well-known ceramic sculptor and teacher in Hong Kong.  An accomplished sculptor with particular expertise in porcelain, Wong puts strong emphasis on the material's translucency and thereby expresses the delicate relationship between potency and fragility of life.  Wong's  newest works including a mixed-media series that uses the penetrating power of light to generate new and unexpected results through the porcelain surfaces.  Working with a medium that defined China's greatest antiquities, Wong strives to redefine that tradition with her unparallel skills and contemporary vision. 

2007 2010 2014



Window Dream No.5
ink & collage on paper


WONG, Wucius(b.1936)

Wucius Wong has been a pivotal figure in the development of Hong Kong art for the last four decades. Wong's signature style is well known - a combination of Western graphic and Chinese landscape, and he is ever changing with an exploreer's attitude, an element that makes him uniquely successful among his contemporaries. As an artist, he always strives to maintain a close relationship between his works and the time and space in which he lives.



The World III
Ink on paper Window


WONG, Chung Yu

Wong Chung Yu received his Master degree of Computer Science and later pursued a Master of Art degree in Digital Arts in London with scholarship and graduated with distinction. He remains active in the areas of Painting and Digital Art. For Painting, Wong studied painting in the Fine Art department of CUHK and continues his exploration particularly in the area of modern Chinese painting. In the field of digital art, Wong attempts to extend the possibility of programming and multimedia applications. He particularly focuses himself on the harmonization of digital technology with Chinese context.



Moment of Truth


WAI, Pong- Yu(b.1982)

Wai Pong-yu received his BA in fine art from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2006. Wai's uses ball-point pen to create repeating lines in forming a sensitive and poetic imageries on the paper. Wai's works are widely collected -- one of his works was recently collected by Asian Art Museum of San Francisco in 2008.






WONG, Yee-ki

WONG Yee-ki's works cleverly address the present generation's reliance on material indulgence and false sense of security. Albeit bizarre and surreal, it appears that we often found ourselves sharing this collective sentment and self-reference. WONG receives her BA in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2010.

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