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Bedtime Stories
Solo exhibition by
CHUI Pui-chee

17 May - 9 June, 2018

Grotto Fine Art is pleased to present the third solo exhibition, Bedtime Stories, by Hong Kong artist CHUI Pui-chee. Chui’s painting by root is a visual analogy, taken form in parable or fable, telling an entertaining story to illustrate a moral lesson. The attribution of human traits, emotions or intentions to non-human entities is an innate tendency of our psychology. Like his well-known calligraphy or mosquitoes paintings, Chui’s new works focus on this important anthropomorphism. Beyond the confluence of Chinese and Western classics, Chui’s new works indeed project a contemporary sentiment on our moral evolution. This new collection teaches and prepares not only Chui’s children for the world we live in; through a lighter touch of mockery and cynicism, reflects this warped social reality that demands our urgent attention.





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Ink Asia 2018
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

水墨藝博 2018





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