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Solo exhibition by
Joey LEUNG Ka-yin

12 Apr - 5 May, 2018

Grotto Fine Art is pleased to present Hong Kong Artist Joey LEUNG Ka-yin’s 5th solo exhibition with us. In a city like Hong Kong where material and mundane matters prevail, it would take extraordinary effort to see things with such clarity and conviction. Joey Leung Ka-yin is gifted with such talent. Her body of work in the past decade has demonstrated a keen observation and understanding of the world she lives in. To confront her surroundings, she chose comics over gimmick. To get her message across, she composes her own lyrics rather than borrowing from others. Her paintings are never nostalgic nor pay homage to any distinctive genres. They present the contemporary world as it is – one filled with bizarre people, peculiar episodes and sometimes wonderful chaos.




May 2018
Solo exhibition by
CHUI Pui-chee



Ink Asia 2018
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

水墨藝博 2018





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