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Love Books, Love Puffs, Love Mobiles

11 Oct - 3 Nov, 2018

Grotto Fine Art is delighted to present Love Books, Love Puffs , Love Mobiles – An Exhibition of Hong Kong Ceramicist Rosanna LI Wei-han’s Ceramic Figurines.

Li doesn’t always read, but she likes spending time at bookshops. The four walls in her studio flat are fully covered with books, they put her to good sleep at night.

Li doesn’t smoke, but she is deeply attracted by people who do – the look of content or melancholy, or otherwise the sense of loss or doubt on their face after each puff always fascinates her.

As for mobile phones, she rarely fiddles with hers in public transport – she’s not into games or videos, her social networks sparse and urgent errands few. Instead, she likes observing people, seeing those totally absorbed into the virtual world on their phones is fun to her and somehow makes her journey light and pleasant.

Thus, “Love Books,  Love Puffs, Love Mobiles”.






October 2018
Solo exhibition by
Rosanna Wei-han LI





Ink Asia 2018
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

29 Sept - 2 Oct, 2018

水墨藝博 2018





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