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Clouds Say, "
- A solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist SHUM Kwan-yi.

Sept 12 - Oct 5, 2019

Grotto Fine Art takes great pleasure in presenting the first solo exhibition: Clouds Say," by Hong Kong artist SHUM Kwan-yi. Shum's paintings take on a traditional approach with a thematic focus on clouds and mists. In many works of the new collection, Shum's clouds direct and dissolve masses, redirect converging lines and addresses contemporary situation in a subtle and clever way. Shum chooses these lightest of all motifs, often formless, boundless and at times merely an unpainted void defined by contours of other forms. Shum's clouds and mists are central to her composition. They serve to separate pictorial space, direct visual progression and offer opening to a mountainous maze otherwise impossible to transverse. The lightest forms are the dominant substance, the unpainted defines the painted, void speaks louder than mass.






November 2019
Solo exhibition by
Eunice CHEUNG Wai-man




Ink Asia 2019
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

水墨博覽 2019

October 4-7, 2019





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