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LAM Yau-sum - Visible Green 2.0
10 May - 3 June, 2017

Grotto Fine Art proudly presents the second solo exhibition, Visible Green 2.0, by Hong Kong sculptor LAM Yau-sum. The growth of plantations among the slits of water-pipes and infrastructures has set off LAM in devising his epitome of contemporary industrial forests. Using the water-pipes and abandoned electronic components as the trunks, wires on circuit board as the branches and rust as leaves, the artist deconstructed the ready-mades and infused them with an organic, invigorated life-form. On display would be the sculptures by LAM to showcase the organic cityscape hidden in the artist's vision.

More exhibitions coming in 2017.

Fine Art Asia 2017 |  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
30 Sept - 3 Oct, 2017 

Fine Art Asia is recognized by the international art world as Asia’s leading fine art fair. On display are museum-quality art works spanning over 5,000 years of cultural history, from ancient Chinese bronzes through to contemporary art. In October 2017, Fine Art Asia will host some of the world’s most renowned galleries. The fair will showcase Asian and Western antiques; jewellery, antique silver and timepieces; Impressionist, modern and contemporary art and design; and photography.





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